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2014-2015 Detroit Pistons season awards: Block of the year

It's time to leave you feeling rejected.

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Maybe the only thing better than dunking on someone, is blocking someone who is trying to dunk on you.  It's the defensive equivalent of a slam dunk, except you're dunking the ball back down the attacker's throat.  Let's see who the nominees are for Pistons' block of the year.

#1 - Greg Monroe on Andrew Bogut

Look at that lazy defense from the Moose, giving one of the league's best shot blockers a taste of his own medicine.  This block gives us a glimpse at Monroe's oft-hidden athleticism, but it also shows that the claims that he is downright unathletic and doesn't play defense are horridly false.

#2 - Kentavious Caldwell-Pope on Wayne Ellington

KCP has the athleticism and length to become one of the league's better shot blockers from the guard position, and he showed it here when he ruthlessly sent Ellington's finger roll packing.  Despite struggling at times on defense, with his tools he has already established himself as a very good chase-down artist.

#3 - Anthony Tolliver vs. Hawks

This was Tolliver's coming out party in a Pistons uniform.  He had 15 points, but the shotblocking? Tolliver has since proven himself to be a sneaky good rim protector since joining the Pistons, but these two blocks against the conference-leading Hawks established him as a fan favorite.  Oh, and how about that KCP three, and Stan Van Gundy's reaction?

#4 - Andre Drummond on Josh Smith

Not a great sequence for J-Smoove here.  In his return to Detroit, he had the ball poked away by Kyle Singler for the fast-break jam.  To atone, he tried to take it to the rack against Andre Drummond, who, to paraphrase Stacey King, rejected his friend request.  This block resonated with humorous symbolism.

#5 - Joel Anthony vs. Magic

I know this is a general highlight video of the Anthonys, but in it we see some of the best defense of the season, anchored by Joel Anthony.  All four of his blocks came in the fourth quarter, and he really made the Magic reconsider their plan of attack.  The highlight block is clearly his rejection on Victor Oladipo, but the whole sequence deserves a mention.  Also, how much fun was that bench having, that was also the game Jodie exploded for 34.

#6 - Kentavious Caldwell-Pope on Tim Hardaway Jr.

What? A sixth nominee? I couldn't not include this, as it further establishes my point on KCP becoming a great chase-down artist.  It shows tremendous hustle and timing.  Don't cherrypick Tim Hardaway Jr., because KCP is not afraid to embarrass you in front of your father.

So there are the nominees for Pistons block of the year for 2014-15.  Remember, you can vote for your winner down below in the poll, and comment once again if you feel there's any I missed.