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Darko Miličić chugging beer, pouring it on mouths of tattoos

The Human Victory Cigar is still doing human-victory-cigar things.

This was once a lottery pick, the No. 2 overall pick in the NBA draft a little over a decade ago, and now he's shirtless somewhere in the world, chugging beer and pouring beer onto the ink mouths on his abdominals.

Whatttt? Notice the two guys waving off another beer for Darko before the 7-footer reaches out and grabs it for his homies painted on his stomach? Dan Devine at Yahoo! gives a little more context to the shirtless Darko Milicic pounding/spilling beer and sharing some with his tattoos:

Yep, that's a shirtless Darko Milicic pounding beers and heartily singing a "patriotic/pump-up-our-country song" alongside Baja Mali Knindža, a Bosnian Serb singer "often described as part of the turbo folk scene" (duh). Ever a sharing sort (let us never forget David Kahn's Chris Webber comparisons!) Milicic then decides to go halfsies on his brew with the two faces tattooed on his midsection - on the left, Momčilo Đujić, and on the right, Nikola Kalabić, two leaders in the Serbian Chetnik movement during World War II, which is some pretty polarizing artwork - as a bunch of no-doubt-stone-sober fellow singers look on and cheer in celebration.

Funny thing is that this is most likely very similar to what he did in Detroit during a time before everything athletes did wound up on the internet.

Now your surly thoughts.