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NBA playoffs: Detroit Pistons all but eliminated

The Pistons are rocking back and forth like a Mortal Kombat character waiting for a finishing move. The Miami Heat could put the Pistons' season officially to the spikes on Saturday night.

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Down 5.5 games in the standings with six games to go, the Pistons are toast. Hollinger's Playoff Odds have the team at 0.0 percent. It's not absolutely zero, but absolutely everything would have to go the Pistons way over the next 11 days for them to still make the playoffs.

Here's how the rest  of the games stack up for the Pistons and the teams they're hopelessly chasing:

Miami Boston Indiana Brooklyn Charlotte Detroit
Game 1 @ Detroit Milwaukee Charlotte Toronto @Indiana @Chicago
Game 2 @ Indiana @Toronto Miami @Atlanta Philadelphia Miami
Game 3 Charlotte @ Detroit @New York Portland @Miami Boston
Game 4 Chicago @ Cleveland @Detroit Atlanta Toronto Indiana
Game 5 Toronto Cleveland Oklahoma City Washington @ Atlanta Charlotte
Game 6 Orlando Toronto Washington @ Milwaukee @ Detroit @Cleveland
Game 7 @ Philadelphia @ Milwaukee @ Memphis Chicago Houston @New York
Game 8


The following is what would have to happen:

Saturday, April 4:

76ers over Hornets
Hawks over Nets
Pistons over Heat (duh) 
Raptors over Celtics

This would put the Pistons 4.5 back of the Heat.

Sunday, April 5:

Pacers over Heat (build up Indy before the fall)

This would put the Pistons 4 back of the Heat.

Monday, April 6:

Blazers over Nets

Tuesday, April 7:

Hornets over Heat

This would put the Pistons 3.5 back of the Heat.

Wednesday, April 8:

Pistons over Celtics (duh)
Raptors over Hornets
Hawks over Nets
Knicks over Pacers

Thursday, April 9:

Bulls over Heat

This would put the Pistons 2.5 back.

Friday, April 10:

Hawks over Hornets
Wizards over Nets
Cavs over Celtics
Pistons over Pacers (duh)

2 back.

Saturday, April 11:

Raptors over Heat

1.5 back.

Sunday, April 12:

Bucks over Nets
Cavs over Heat
Pistons over Hornets (duh)
Thunder over Pacers

Half a game back.

Monday, April 13:

Rockets over Hornets
Pistons over Cavs (duh)
Bulls over Nets
Magic over Heat

BOOM. Playoffs. Half a game up.

Tuesday, April 14:

Raptors over Celtics
Wizards over Pacers

Wednesday, April 15:

Pistons over Knicks (duh)
Raptors over Hornets
Bucks over Celtics
Magic over Nets
76ers over Heat
Grizzlies over Pacers

That 'o' could be next to their name on as soon as Easter morning. I'll have plenty of chocolate ready for that.