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Greg Monroe participates in practice, will start Wednesday against Boston

Greg Monroe has missed the last 11 games with a strained knee. After participating in practice, Monroe is scheduled to start Wednesday against the Boston Celtics.

Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

In what has appeared to be a fluke injury, Greg Monroe sat out the last 11 games due to a strained knee. Including the two-game suspension to begin this season, prior to that injury Monroe had only missed four games in his five year NBA career. Well, after having participated in a full practice, Monroe will have the final five games of the season to push the Pistons into the playoffs audition for a hefty contract.

Now, this comes at a precarious time. The Pistons are all but eliminated from the Playoffs. Wins by the Brooklyn Nets and Boston Celtics will officially eliminate the Pistons from playoff contention. But the Pistons are STILL...NOT...OUT!!! So that makes this previous Keith Langlois tweet kind of confusing,

Thankfully (?) the Pistons did not need Monroe that night and got the win over the Miami Heat. It could be argued that had Monroe been playing, the Pistons could have possibly won both of the games before the Heat game. Anthony Tolliver has been lackluster in his starting role. While he's shooting a scintillating 42.6-percent from distance in Monroe's absence, he's been no help anywhere else on the floor. He cannot rebound like Monroe does and he's not as apt of a passer as Monroe is. It is not his fault.

However, it cannot be ignored that in Monroe's absence, the Pistons have gone 7-4 after a 10 game losing streak with Monroe. Now, that all could be happenstance. Reggie Jackson may have needed time to gel with his teammates and get more comfortable with the system. But since Monroe went out, Jackson has been a revelation. We shall see what happens Wednesday night.