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VIDEO: Brandon Jennings shooting jumpers again

The best 15-second video you'll see all day.

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Brandon Jennings posted a video on Twitter of himself shooting jumpers at the Pistons' practice facility in Auburn Hills on Friday.

His message was simple, "Progress," and for a player fighting his way back from a serious injury, it's all one could hope for. Jennings was playing the best ball of his career before rupturing his Achilles in January.

After the injury, the Pistons traded for Reggie Jackson, and the team is poised to re-sign the restricted free agent in the offseason at a hefty salary. Jennings, meanwhile, has one more year left on his contract and nothing but question marks about when he'll return from injury or what kind of player he'll be once he sees the floor again.

Head coach and team president Stan Van Gundy admitted as much in his post-season press conference, saying, "He's going to be an unknown as we go into the process (of the draft and free agency), we just have to accept that."

But it all begins with progress, and shooting flat-footed jumpers in May while other players are in the thick of the playoffs or enjoying their vacations is certainly a start.