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2015 NBA Free Agency: Trail Blazers could pursue Greg Monroe in free agency

Portland has a backup plan should Aldridge decide to leave.

Craig Mitchelldyer-USA TODAY Sports

Per's Jabari Young, the Portland Trail Blazers could reach out to Greg Monroe or the Clippers' DeAndre Jordan should LaMarcus Aldridge decide to sign elsewhere during the offseason. This isn't the first time the Trail Blazers have been linked to Monroe: they were reportedly interested in adding him last year, but eventually backed out of sign-and-trade talks, adding Chris Kaman through free agency to complement their big man rotation instead. Here is what DBB's Sean Corp had to say at the time:

Another team reportedly interested is the Portland Trail Blazers, who would have to execute a sign-and-trade. The Blazers certainly have pieces to offer including defensive wizard Nicolas Batum, 3-point sniper Wesley Matthews and young guard CJ McCollum. The Blazers also have serviceable big men they could send in return in Thomas Robinson and Meyers Leonard.

Portland does, however, also have Robin Lopez who is strictly a center and if Pistons fans thought Monroe and Andre Drummond didn't fit together then they'll think even less of the Lopez-Drummond pairing. That means either Monroe comes off the bench behind Lopez and LaMarcus Aldridge or Lopez is rerouted to another team. Or the interest is manufactured.

[...] Obviously, the interest was not manufactured but the number of moving parts much have made any possible trade difficult and probably necessitated the two teams trading various trade proposals in their "serious" discussions. I wouldn't be surprised if the two teams were close and needed a third team to take on Robin Lopez and/or trade assets into the pot.

Of course LaMarcus Aldridge would have to sign elsewhere for the Blazers to be able to afford the former Georgetown Hoya, but Portland has quickly emerged as the biggest competition to Detroit's chances of re-signing the soft spoken big man. Rip City has a young, competitive core, and with Meyers Leonard and Chris Kaman the only frontcourt members signed through next season, Portland could prove to be an ideal landing spot for Monroe.