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Darko Miličić is returning to professional basketball

The former Pistons bust, kickboxer and beer spiller is returning to basketball! Noooo, and I don't care!

Here is your monthly Darko update: The Detroit Pistons' 2003 NBA draft pick is returning to pro basketball in the Adriatic League.

Exactly a month after a now-deleted video surfaced of Darko pouring beer into the ink mouths of his tattoos on his abdomen, Milicic has signed a contract with the Metalac Valijevo, a pro basketball team in his native Serbia.

The 7-footer "retired" from pro basketball in 2014 after last appearing in a game with the Boston Celtics in 2012-2013 to pursue a career in kickboxing, of course. His first fight was called early, because he was bleeding profusely.

Milicic was privileged enough to win an NBA championship with the Pistons in 2004 just days before he turned 19. After two and a half years of waste, Milicic was traded to the Magic for Kelvin Cato and (somehow) a first round pick that turned into Rodney Stuckey. The rest is history... Darko's basketball career is apparently not.

Now your surly thoughts.