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The 2015 Pistons Offseason Plan Project

Here's your chance to make the moves before Stan Van Gundy and Jeff Bower.

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JDBell20 offered his thoughts for a course of action for the Pistons' summer, and did a great job compiling salaries and cap information. Stealing Borrowing his excellent work, we thought it'd be fun to offer this up to the whole community for their ideas.

The project: using the information from JDBell20's post (which I've carved out for a template below), put together your own offseason plan for the Pistons. Do your best to make it realistic, share your thoughts/reasons, then post it as a FanPost.

Salary Cap/Re-signing

The Cap is projected to be $67 million. Pistons players under contract next season:
Brandon Jennings - $8,344,497
Jodie Meeks - $6,270,000
(Josh Smith Stretch - $5,400,000)
Andre Drummond - $3,272,091
Anthony Tolliver - $3,000,000
K. Caldwell-Pope - $2,891,760
Quincy Miller - $981,348 (guaranteed until July 11)
Spencer Dinwiddie - $845,059
(Aaron Gray Stretch - $452,049)

Those are the guaranteed contracts for next season, totaling $31,456,804.

Non-guaranteed deals and options:

Caron Butler - Team Option for $4,500,000
Shawne Williams - Team Option for $1,356,146
Cartier Martin - Player Option for $1,270,964

Draft picks:

Pick 8: $2,368,300
Pick 38: $507,336

Free agency:

Players not under contract past 2014-15 season: Greg Monroe, Reggie Jackson (QO), Tayshaun Prince, Joel Anthony, John Lucas III

Here's a complete list of all free agents this summer.



Have fun.