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Bill Laimbeer on The Dan Patrick Show: 'My time has passed' to coach in NBA

Laimbeer's interview with Dan Patrick is worth a listen.

Two years ago, Sean wrote about a great feature on espnW called 'The Feminization of Bill Laimbeer'. An excerpt from the espnW article shed light on why some NBA executives didn't think Laimbeer understood how the NBA works, because of how he reacted to a few prospects not following simple instructions.

Listening to Laimbeer on The Dan Patrick Show on Thursday suggests he might know exactly how it works, and it's probably just not a good fit for him. Laimbeer sounds like he's moved on from looking to coach in the league, as he's happy coaching the New York Liberty, and he admits his time to coach in the NBA has likely passed at 58 years old anyway.

Laimbeer also talks about other things such as LeBron vs. MJ (*gasp*), Stephen Curry and how one of the best backcourts in basketball would guard the MVP, officiating in the NBA today and more.

You should give it a full listen before heading over to YouTube to watch some Laimbeer highlights.