CTBAAF's 2015 Pistons Offseason Plan Project

(I cheated a little, I was already working on this post)

Editors note: One small thing that was left off the original post is counting for minimum player cap holds. Each counts for $507,336. You must have 12 slots filled at all times.

So if we assume that our players are :

Brandon Jennings- $8,344,497
Jodie Meeks - $6,270,000
(Josh Smith Stretch - $5,400,000)
Andre Drummond - $3,272,091
Anthony Tolliver - $3,000,000
K. Caldwell-Pope - $2,891,760
Quincy Miller - $981,348 (guaranteed until July 11)
Spencer Dinwiddie - $845,059
(Aaron Gray Stretch - $452,049)

If we only have those seven players, plus the first round cap hold of $2,368,300, plus the QO for Reggie of $5,510,922 we would need to add 3 additional minimum player cap holds for a total of $40,858,034

That would give us this lineup - PG: Reggie/Jennings/Dinwiddie SG: KCP/Meeks SF: Miller PF: Tolliver C:Drummond

I think Martin will pick up his option by all accounts that I've read so remove $507,336 from the total and add $1,270,964. New total of $41,621,662 leaving $25,378,338 to spend (assuming 67 million cap)

Looking at it this way I still take Bobby Portis in the first round and Upshaw in the second round (I know I like Portis too much, screw you)

PG: Reggie/Jennings/Dinwiddie SG: KCP/Meeks SF:Miller/Martin PF: Tolliver/Portis C: Drummond/Upshaw

I still see a big hole at SF and a need for a starting PF, because I don't think Portis could start day one or even year one really. With the 25 million I make a 13.5 million a year for 3 years offer to Millsap and a 10 million a year for 4 years offer to Danny Green. Then resign Joel Anthony with the leftovers (remember after you sign millsap and Green you can add back those minimum player cap holds to cap space so it would be almost 2.5 million a year for Anthony (65,621,662-1,014,672= 64,606,990) . After all transactions are done Offer Reggie 15,510,922 million a year (just to keep the math simple) For a total payroll of 77 million, we're over the cap but below the tax line.

opening day lineup



SF: Danny Green/ Miller/ Martin

PF: Millsap/Tolliver/Portis

C: Drummond/Anthony/Upshaw

We have 14 players, which is where I like to be for trade purposes. We would have a great starting 5 of Jackson/KCP/Green (the wrong green sorry) Millsap, and Drummond. That's a beast of a lineup. We haven't had a starting five that good since the going to work days. Also, a potentially great bench. Think of this bench; Jennings, Meeks, Miller, Tolliver, Anthony. That doesn't even think about our draft picks working out, If Portis starts to play well he could back up the 4 or 5.

I think at some point I would try to find takers for Miller and Martin if they don't work out for a better back up 3. however, I do think KCP will get some minutes there so it's not a big priority in my opinion.

I really didn't want to bring this up, but I've read from a few sources that the suns are very willing to trade their pick at 13. If we could give them anything (Martin in dream land)... or even just cash and a future first or something we could get Johnson at 8 and Portis should still be on the board at 13. I really don't want to even think about it cause that would just be awesome.The numbers would have to be played with a bit but it could easily still work out.

slightly realistic dream:



Danny Green/ Johnson/Miller



Think of the starting lineup in three years: Jackson (28), KCP (25), Johnson (22), Portis (23), Drummond (25)

Thanks for reading

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