redordead's 2015 Pistons Offseason Plan Project

I'm having a lot of fun reading everyone's ideas for the off-season, so I decided to try and do my own. My CBA knowledge is sketchy at best, so bear with me.

Salary Cap/Re-signing

The Cap is projected to be $67 million. Pistons players under contract next season:
Brandon Jennings - $8,344,497
Jodie Meeks - $6,270,000
(Josh Smith Stretch - $5,400,000)
Andre Drummond - $3,272,091
Anthony Tolliver - $3,000,000
K. Caldwell-Pope - $2,891,760
Quincy Miller - $981,348 (guaranteed until July 11)
Spencer Dinwiddie - $845,059
(Aaron Gray Stretch - $452,049)

Those are the guaranteed contracts for next season, totalling $31,456,804.

Non-guaranteed deals and options:

Caron Butler - Team Option for $4,500,000
Shawne Williams - Team Option for $1,356,146
Cartier Martin - Player Option for $1,270,964

I'll decline Butler's option. The young guys on this team haven't showed much leadership, so having Caron would benefit this team, plus his 37.9% shot from 3 ain't too shabby. But the 4.5M is a bit too much. Williams was a wreck of a player, so his option gets declined. I assume Martin will pick up his player option.

Notable cap holds:

Reggie Jackson - $5,510,923
Greg Monroe - $10,216,135

So that would put our pre-draft cap at $48,454,826.

Draft picks:

Now here's where thing start getting interesting, weird, improbable... How ever you want to put it. In each of the last years we've been in the lottery, I've always had a player on my board that was a slam dunk pick. Monroe (2010), Knight (2011), Drummond (2012), KCP (2013) all were good picks for me at the time.

This year though, I'm having a lot more problems finding a guy I'm good with. It's logical to look at all the SF's and PF's. The draft is deep, but there isn't really players out there without serious question marks. So having a bit more of an open mind I've settled on two players.

The thing is I'm greedy, I would like not one, but both. So I need to acquire another lottery pick. See, I told you thing are going to get interesting. So who in the lottery would be willing to trade their pick, for a price we can afford?

I came up with the Miami Heat. They hold the 10th pick in the draft. Their team is built more for win now, with the likes of Wade, Bosh, Dragic, Deng. On the other hand they're core is older and they need an injection of youth. So a trade would look something like this:

Detroit receives: 2015 10th pick

Miami receives: KCP, 2015 38th pick

Miami would still get younger with the addition of KCP, but having someone with 2 years of NBA experience would allow them to compete easier. They need a legit backup for Wade since he often misses games. KCP learning under Wade could also benefit him, plus playing in a more spaced out Spoelstra offence.

Armed with the 8th and 10th pick the Pistons would select:

8th Devin Booker - $2,368,300
10th Bobby Portis - $2,068,100

I'm going to be very lazy and compare Booker to Klay Thompson. Very similar players, great shooters, average athletes, good size for the SG position, can move without the ball. Booker probably would need an extra year to have Thompson like impact, simply because he's coming to the NBA as freshman vs Thompson who was a junior. Booker would replace KCP longterm and be a better fit next to Drummond and Jackson.

Not being comfortable with any of the SF's on the board, I'm going to address the PF spot with Portis. Good size for the PF position, solid rebounder, versatile skillset, good fundamentals. Very Monroish like, so if we happen to lose Moose, having a guy like Portis would be very nice. Might not have the ceiling of a guy like Turner, Porzingis or some of the SF's, but is a safer pick. Not as polished as Kaminsky, but I feel he projects better to the NBA.

So with the draft complete our cap would stand at $49,999,466.

Free agency:

I would want to agree to a contract with Jackson early and then sign him after we exhaust our cap space. 52M/4year contract should be enough to sign him.

The big elephant in the room is Greg Monroe. Does he want to stay, does he want to leave? It's important to try and figure that out as early as possible. With his cap hold we stand at 17M cap space, if we renounce him we have 27M of cap space. I wouldn't be oppose to keeping Moose, but he'd probably want max money, which I'm not sure I'd be willing to pay since I need to improve the SF spot via FA. For the sake of argument let's say we renounce him.

I go after Khris Middleton to play SF for a 42M/3year contract. Since he's restricted my backup option is Kyle Singler for 18M/3year.

I don't want to start Portis right away at PF, nor do I want to start Tolliver I want both to come of the bench. So I go after Tobias Harris for 50M/4year contract, another restricted FA, so my fall back option is Paul Millsap 33M/3year (3rd year Team Option).

I want to sign Joel Anthony to a 5m/2year contract.

Depth chart:

PG: Jackson, Jennings, Dinwiddie

SG: Meeks (until Booker ready), Booker

SF: Middleton/Singler, Booker, Miller, Martin

PF: Harris/Millsap, Portis, Tolliver

C: Drummond, Portis, Anthony

Well there it is. My 2015 Pistons offseason.

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