2015 Offseason Plan - Thinking outside of the Box

I haven't posted in a while, but for the past several seasons, the offseason has been my favorite time of year. A time for hope for the future of the team that I love - The Detroit Pistons. I've read and enjoyed several posts for ideas for the future of this team, but none of them (unless I missed some) have went in this direction. My overall idea is that the Pistons will not be able to contend next year because they're not ready yet and they're not the Free Agent destination that will be able to pick up Free Agent Prizes such as Kevin Love, LBJ, Kawhi Leonard or even Draymond Green. So they need to build their team through the draft. Here goes:

Guys currently under contract with the Pistons that will be staying with the Pistons (and stretch provisions):

Jodie Meeks - $6,270,000
(Josh Smith Stretch - $5,400,000)
Anthony Tolliver - $3,000,000
K. Caldwell-Pope - $2,891,760
Quincy Miller - $981,348 (guaranteed until July 11)
Spencer Dinwiddie - $845,059
(Aaron Gray Stretch - $452,049)

In addition, resign Joel Anthony to be a back up big to a 2 yr deal at the Vet Minimum. Say 2 yrs at 2.5 Million.

This puts us at about 23 million give or take.

Draft Night:


- The Detroit Pistons send Andre Drummond and Brandon Jennings to the LA Lakers for the 2nd and 27th pick in the draft.

- With the 2nd Pick, the Pistons select PF/C Karl Anthony Towns (starting salary 4.7 mill) - Kentucky. With the 27th Pick, the Pistons select SF Justin Anderson -UVA (starting salary 1 mill).

The Lakers do this trade because they want to have a chance to win now (before Kobe retires) and in the future. Drummond and Jennings are still young, but much more NBA ready then the 19 yr old college prospects that they would be drafting. Jennings gives them a solid starting PG and I'm sure Kobe would love Drummond because he's a good offensive rebounder that doesn't require the ball. If the Lakers could get Kevin Love for example (which is a good possibility), the Lakers go Jennings/Kobe/Randle/Love/Drummond. That team likely goes from a 21 win team to a competitor.

The Pistons to this trade because Drummond doesn't really fit SVGs scheme of having a big that scores and distributes (1in 4out). He's an athletic freak that dunks alot, but he looks lost on defense alot and he's a terrible free throw shooter, so its tough to keep him in games at crunch time. And they would be doing Jennings a favor because it seems obvious that Reggie Jackson is SVGs man, so this would give Brandon a chance to start elsewhere. Plus, I fell in love with Towns during the tournament. He could be the Pistons franchise big man and he seems like a great fit for SVGs team. He can do everything on offense including shoot from the outside and he's a rim protector on defense. I don't know much about Justin Anderson, but he seems to be picked at about this point in many mocks and he plays a position of need and can shoot.

With the 8th pick, the Pistons select Mario Hezonja - SF Barcelona Spain (starting salary 2.8 million)

I know many people see flashbacks of Darko, but man this guy can really shoot. And with 2 bigs down low that can really shoot and distribute (I'll get to the 2nd big in a minute), Hezonja (as well as Meeks and KCP) would be perfect options to kick at back outside and shoot from deep. It would take him at least a year to develop and maybe even some time in the D League. But shooting in the NBA is at a premium, and SVG has shown that he wants shooters. This guy can shoot from anywhere.

With the 38th pick, the Pistons select Andrew Harrison - PG Kentucky (starting salary .5 Million)

If Spencer Dinwiddie can't learn how to shoot, the Pistons are going to need someone to back up Reggie Jackson. And this guys worth a gamble.

After Draft Night, the Pistons Salary is at 32.5 Million Dollars

Free Agency

- First of all, it seems to be clear that Reggie Jackson is going to be a Piston long term. It seems like he wants to be here and SVG wants him here. He signs for 4 years - 50 million. He gets a starting job with the Pistons and he gets the pride of making a couple extra mill with Detroit (its all about pride anyways...who really needs 50 million dollars?) Agree to terms, then use our Bird Rights to sign him and go over the cap.

- The Pistons won't get the top name free agents. But DeMarre Carroll would be a great fit at SF. He's good defensively and he's really shot well from 3 point land. We'll have to overpay to get him, but 4 years - 48 million should do it. Carroll could also slide to PF as he ages and slows down and Hezonja starts getting more minutes at SF.

- The last one could take some doing, but Greg Monroe would work great with this lineup. SVG would have to promise him the starting Center Position and he would also finally get his big payday. The SVG brand of offense would run through him better then it would with Drummond because Monroe is a great passer and has a lot of good moves as well as a good post game.. He gives the Pistons 2 fantastic scoring options down low along with Towns. And when the defense crashes down, kick it back out to Hezonja/Meeks/KCP. He will get paid, but he's earned it. 5 years 75 million.

Overall PayRoll = 70 Million. (Over the Cap, but significantly under luxury tax)

Like I said in the beginning, this team would be too young to compete in 2015, but in 2016 and beyond, this team could really be good.

2015 Depth Chart

C: Monroe 34 /Towns 14/Anthony

PF: Towns 18/Tolliver 30/Carroll

SF: Carroll 34/Hezonja 7/J. Anderson 7/Miller

SG: KCP 30 /Meeks 18

PG: Jackson 32/ Dinwiddie 16/Rozier (D League)

2016 Depth Chart

C: Monroe 34/ Towns 14/ Anthony

PF: Towns 20/ Carroll 15/ Tolliver 13

SF: Carroll 17/ Hezonja 31/ J Anderson

SG: KCP 30/ Meeks 18

PG: Jackson 32/ Dinwiddie 16

So what are you're thoughts DBB. I'm very aware that trading Dre will not be popular.

But it really does seem like a winning team down the road.

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