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The 'Joe Dumars to the Pelicans' rumor is still alive

Tom Pidgeon/Getty Images

Joe Dumars is from Louisiana. Joe Dumars is friendly with New Orleans Pelicans executive Mickey Loomis and a frequent guest in his private box for New Orleans Saints games. The Pelicans need to decide whether to retain current GM Dell Demps, whose contract runs out this year. Joe Dumars is currently out of work.

All of these statements are true. Is it safe to connect the dots and suggest Loomis might tab Dumars to replace Demps?

Grantland's Zach Lowe suggested as much last May, shortly after Dumars officially stepped down from his duties running the Pistons, Ric Bucher brought it up this past January, and New Orleans TV anchor Fletcher Mackel brought it up again this past February. Mackel is again beating that drum today -- this time citing an anonymous source:

While nothing is imminent, NBA sources have confirmed to WDSU that former Pistons player and executive Joe Dumars could join the New Orleans Pelicans this offseason.

Of course, Dumars' arrival wouldn't necessarily spell Demps' departure, as Mackel notes Dumars could join the front office while retaining Demps as GM. That's probably a smart move, given Dumars' recent track record. Even so, Pelicans fans weren't exactly enthused the last time this rumor popped up. After comparing Demps and Dumars in recent years, David Fisher at The Bird Writes came to a succinct conclusion:

Joe Dumars with cap money to spend has been a terrible combination. Do not allow geographical familiarity to become part of the decision making process.

Just say no to Joe Dumars.

As a lifelong Pistons fan, I want Dumars to get a second a chance to rehabilitate his reputation as a league executive, but I completely understand Pelicans fans being nervous about that happening during Anthony Davis' prime years. I'm really curious to see how this shakes out.

Hat-tip to Fletcher Mackel, who alerted us about his story.