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Ersan Ilyasova traded to Pistons for Caron Butler, Shawne Williams

Woj bomb.

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Game-4-of-the-NBA-finals-day news via Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo!:

This move is either insurance for Greg Monroe entering free agency or simply a pretty good indication that Ilyasova will plug right into that power forward role next season.

Ilyasova, 28, has the ability to shoot the lights out, hitting on 39 percent of his threes this past season and 44 percent a couple years ago. He's the kind of stretch four that makes Stan Van Gundy Stan Van gush.

This move is also probably a good indication that the Pistons will try to shore up the wing spot in the draft in a couple weeks.

Ilyasova will make $7.9 million this upcoming season and $8.4 million 2016-2017, though $8 million of it is not guaranteed.

Now your thoughts.

(Thanks stevenyc for throwing this news in the FanShots)