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DBB Community NBA Draft Predictor

Can you predict how the draft will play out?

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With the draft almost upon us, I thought it might be a little fun to have a crack at predicting the correct draft order, much like how we fill out March Madness brackets every year.  The odds of predicting a perfect draft are infinitesimal, with so many variables including team need and fit, and whether a team is thinking draft-and-stash or local talent.

With that in mind, to participate, all you need to do is hop onto Google Sheets (I'll provide the link later) and edit the spreadsheet to include your draft board.  I've already done mine, so you will be able to see mine and anyone else's who fills it in before you.  To make things more discernible, at the top of the list, put your DBB username in bold and italics. Then, for all lottery selections, please put them in bold as well.  For all other first-rounders, leave them as normal writing.  Then, if you're brave and naive enough to have a crack at predicting the second round, italicise your second round selections.  The draft order is on the far left of the spreadsheet.


- Arkansas sophomore G/F Michael Qualls tore his ACL in a workout with Phoenix

34 early entry candidates withdraw from the draft

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Note: You will not need a login to access and edit the spreadsheet to include your predictions.  It should be set to public access with anyone available to edit.  Your changes will save automatically.