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NBA draft rumors: Mario Hezonja 'trying to pull a Kobe' and be drafted by Pistons?

It appears there is some frustration from some of the teams that they just do not have enough information on Super Mario.

This draft is shaping up to where the Detroit Pistons can't should not lose. They are in serious need of help at the small forward position. It is rumored that Justise Winslow could fall to Detroit. It is almost certain that Stanley Johnson will be available at eight. But what about Super Mario Hezonja? Won't he be gone?

Well, he might be. However, the Pistons may be using a few tricks up their sleeves (Arn Tellem -- Mario's agent) to keep him available...

Tellem signed on with the Pistons to be a part of the executive team starting in August. But for the mean time, he is still Mario's agent and is looking out for his player's interest ... and, perhaps, his future employer's.