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Who's on the Pistons' draft board?

The Pistons are taking a poll of who we think they should draft. Are they telling us who they might draft?

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The Draft is a fickle thing. Teams put information out there. The questions is, how much of that information is true and how much of it is a lie? Do they say they really like him because they want some idiot team (Sacramento Kings) to pick them instead, hoping the guy they really like drops? Or are they truthful thinking that other teams think that other way so that they......sorry, I got confused.

Anyways, the Pistons want your opinion. What you'll notice is that you only have 10 options, and one of those is "Other." For those of who you might not be able to get to that link while you're at work, here is the list (in order -- and votes/percentages at this time):

  • Justise Winslow - (36/20%)
  • Stanley Johnson - (47/26%)
  • Devin Booker - (16/9%)
  • Mario Hezonja - (34/19%)
  • Frank Kaminsky - (17/9%)
  • Willie Cauley-Stein - (7/4%)
  • Kelly Oubre - (2/1%)
  • Sam Dekker - (18/10%)
  • Myles Turner - (0/0%)
  • Other - (3/2%)

Some of those are interesting. Kaminsky is even being rumored to go as high as number four to New York. Oubre is one that could probably be had at 12 or later. Same is probably true for Dekker and and Turner.

So, have you voted on the poll? Who did you vote for? What does it say if the top vote getter is who they pick (provided most of the others are still on the board)? Give us your thoughts and opinions. This draft is prepping up to be fun.


It is interesting to note that Emmanuel Mudiay is NOT on that list. This with all of the rumors flying around that if he's available, the Pistons would take him and let Reggie Jackson walk. Having Hezonja on there, who is also likely to be gone, but Mudiay not, who is more likely to be there, is interesting if you ask me.