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Pistons guarantee Anthony Tolliver's 2015-16 contract

During the hubbub of the NBA Draft, Vincent Ellis reports that Anthony Tolliver's contract will be fully guaranteed.

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Shortly after the Pistons made their final pick of the 2015 NBA Draft, Vincent Ellis of the Free Press dropped this little nugget:

The Pistons had the option of waiving him and having only $400K counting towards the cap for him. However, seeing as how happy Stan Van Gundy was trading for Tolliver and how well he helped the Pistons during the Tolliverse, it was always considered very likely that his contract was going to get picked up.

This also allows the Pistons to concentrate on the small forward position in free agency. After drafting Stanley Johnson in the first round, at the very least the backup small forward position is covered. The Pistons will have around $19 million available to go after free agents and would like to get a starting caliber small forward. Without guaranteeing Tolliver, they would have had to go for a backup power forward, as well, possibly limiting their options.

How do you feel about this move?