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NBA free agents 2015: DeMarre Carroll, Danny Green targeted by Pistons

The Pistons need a starting small forward. Stan Van Gundy and crew could be looking at DeMarre Carroll and Danny Green the hardest.

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Though the Pistons got a potential star in Stanley Johnson in the draft Thursday evening, they are still in need of a small forward to start immediately. After news of Tobias Harris seeking a max deal from the Detroit Pistons, Vincent Ellis of the Detroit Free Press put on Twitter that DeMarre Carroll and Danny Green are more likely targets.

Having to be careful not to rouse the home town fans, Ellis did clarify which Green...

Tobias Harris is on the younger side at only 22. While that bodes well for a young core, it could likely hinder the development of Stanley Jackson who is only 19. What would be ideal is to likely get an older veteran small forward, one who could likely mentor Johnson and give him good competition for the starting position. That is where Carroll and Green come in.

Both Carroll and Green are 28 years old. Both have been in the league for six seasons. Both are familiar with playing on winning teams (Green more so than Carroll). Both are unrestricted free agents. Both shoot at least 36.6-percent for their career from distance and were over 39.5-percent last year. Green is the better shooter from distance and with a higher percentage of his shots coming from deep, but that also means he'll be in high demand and likely cost more.

Either way, it is great to know that there is already news that the Pistons have their eyes on players many of us fans would like to see them go after. The news from last year of signing Jodie Meeks, Cartier Martin, Caron Butler and Aaron Gray did not excite the fan base. Things may be different this year.