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NBA free agency rumors: Reggie Jackson could cash in thanks to Brandon Knight

The Phoenix Suns' reported deal for Brandon Knight could reward Reggie Jackson with big bucks.

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Stan Van Gundy has said that his first call at midnight, the start of free agency, will be to Reggie Jackson. Van Gundy would like to re-sign Jackson to be the starting point guard for a few more years at least. However, a report has the Phoenix Suns offering Brandon Knight a contract that might benefit Jackson.

According to GERY WOELFEL at the Racine Journal Times:

I’ve been told by an NBA official that Knight, who’ll become a restricted free agent on July 1, will sign a five-year, $70 million contract with the Suns.

Knight, who is 23, was enjoying an All-Star caliber season – 17.8 points and 5.4 assists -- before the Bucks surprisingly sent him to the Suns.

He then played 11 games for the Suns, averaging 13.4 and 4.5 assists. After suffering an ankle injury March 9, Knight missed 16 of the Suns’ final 17 games. He underwent minor arthroscopic surgery on his left ankle in April.

Statistically, they are about the same. Jackson is better at assists and rebounds (per36) and a better free throw shooter. However, Knight is a better three point shooter and gets to the line more often.

It was reported last year that Jackson rejected a contract offer from the Oklahoma City Thunder for $12 million a year. One reason was because he wants to be a starter. Another was because he didn't want to be in Oklahoma City. But does he want to be in Detroit?

Reggie has definitely developed a chemistry with Andre Drummond in his short time here. Jackson played some of the best ball of his career to end the season last year. He was even seen at the All-Star game, prior to the trade, wearing a Detroit Bad Boys hat. Would he be ok with a $12 million a year contract from the Pistons? Does he want a short deal considering the salary cap, or does he want to be locked in for the five year Post Rookie Max?

SBNation thinks the Pistons are going to strike out on their attempts to sign a key small forward. However, they did suggest the Pistons would re-sign Jackson at an affordable price.

28. Reggie Jackson: 4 years, $42 million with the Pistons.

But wait a minute. That's less than $12 million a year. Are you sure? Vincent Ellis says that might be a possibility.

The person said that if the Pistons want a five-year commitment from Jackson, they probably will have to give him the full freight.

If the Pistons balk, the person said Jackson is willing to bet on himself and take a deal with fewer years and less money, with an option for the final season. That would allow Jackson to further establish himself and ask for a max deal later, when it'll be worth more money because of the rising cap.

Ok, so he'll take less money, but for fewer years. However, he could be talking about "less money" over the course of the contract versus a per year amount. Jackson may want two years at $15 million a year with a player option in the final year. That could work. Maybe Spencer Dinwiddie could be ready to be the starting point guard in two years.

What would the DBB faithful be willing to offer Jackson?