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NBA free agency 2015: Open Thread

Let's discuss the silly season with our brothers and sisters.

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

So this is a bit late, but we haven't missed out on anything anyway.  So free agency rolled around several hours ago, and we were immediately greeted with news of contract extensions for a couple of players, and a seeming overpay for an unrestricted free agent.  But since then, everything has died down, and the #WojBombs have stopped raining down upon us.  Anyway, before we enter day 2 of free agency, let's recap what went on in a boring first night, early morning:


Anthony Davis = 5 years, $145 million

Kawhi Leonard = 5 years, $90+ million

Brook Lopez = 3 years, $60 million

Thaddeus Young = 4 years. $50 million

Khris Middleton = 5 years, $70 million

*Note, all these are reported, contracts cannot actually be signed until June 9.

Free Agents

Al-Farouq Aminu gets $30 million to go live in Portland for 4 years

Monta Ellis gets strong interest from Indiana

Danny Green first contacted by the Pistons, arranges meeting

Ed Davis may be priced out of Lakers' range

Gary Neal forming strong market

Wesley Johnson meets with Clippers

LaMarcus Aldridge meets with Lakers and Rockets, planned meetings with at least 5 other teams

Cleveland contact Mike Dunleavy Jr.and Tayshaun Prince

Greg Monroe sits down with Knicks officials in D.C.followed by late night (2am) meeting with Milwaukee

Sacramento use Rudy Gay to help attract friend Rajon Rondo

Mavericks wine and dine DeAndre Jordan with the help of Chandler Parsons

Sources say Mavs also talking to Wesley Matthews

Marco Bellinelli drawing interest from Warriors and Hornets

Knicks giving Patrick Beverley serious consideration


Some teams have even called outside help to try and target their top free agent targets.  The Mavericks have reportedly enlisted the help of Dez Bryant, Jerry Jones and other Cowboys personnel in their pursuit of LaMarcus Aldridge, while the Lakers showed up to their meeting with the Portland big man with Kobe Bryant, James Worthy, Byron Scott, Mitch Kupchak, and Jim & Jeannie Buss.  Houston, by comparison, could only muster near-MVP James Harden to their interlude.  Who would Detroit bring in to help the recruiting pitch?  Andre Drummond?  Isiah Thomas?  Jalen Rose?  Megatron?  Who would you want to hear from if you were a prospective free agent looking at Motown?

In all, it was a day of hypotheticals and speculation, which developed into little concrete news.  Let's hope day 2 is more exciting for us oglers.

Now your comments.