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Pistons News: Spencer Dinwiddie's Summer League; Quincy Miller's roster predicament

With seventeen players on the roster, personnel decisions still need to be made.

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Coaching staff standing by Spencer Dinwiddie despite poor Summer League performance

After being thrust into the Pistons' rotation after Brandon Jennings' injury and D.J. Augustin's trade, Spencer Dinwiddie performed well in sustained minutes and had a solid rookie season that set the foundations for a strong 2016 campaign. The first step towards that successful campaign was to take place at the Orlando Summer League, where Dinwiddie was expected to take control of the competition, but the 6'6" point guard has struggled to find a rhythm. The former Colorado standout averaged 10.4 points, 3.4 assists and 2.4 rebounds across 3.8 turnovers during SL, and finished with a shooting slash of .400/.273/.840.

Despite his poor showing, Dinwiddie has received support from Stan Van Gundy and assistant coach Bob Beyer, with both telling the young point guard to slow down and not to worry about his performance. However, the point guard couldn't help but fret, per Vince Ellis of The Detroit Free Press:

"Of course it matters because you're looking to give Stan confidence as a player because you never know how he evaluates you," Dinwiddie said. "There's a bunch of variables. This is a business and I think in business perception is reality," whatever they think about you is kind of what you're gonna be so while I still have this kind of clean slate, it's on me to make the most of it."

Dinwiddie faces an uphill battle for minutes with Detroit looking to maximize the tandem of Reggie Jackson and Brandon Jennings at the point, and with more bodies filling out the 2-guard spot (namely Darrun Hilliard and Reggie Bullock), Spencer will need to show the Pistons he is ready for more playing time. With Summer League coming to a close, training camp and preseason games are where the young guard should look to make the most of his opportunities. With news that Detroit has expressed interest in bringing back John Lucas III, speculation has started swirling regarding the Motor City's point guard situation, with both Brandon Jennings and Spencer Dinwiddie's fates depending on the other's basketball form.

Van Gundy: Quincy Miller's injuries shouldn't affect roster decisions

Quincy Miller is at the gym. Quincy Miller is putting in serious time at the Pistons' training facility. Quincy Miller is working on getting stronger. Quincy Miller is stronger. Quincy Miller has put on 24 lbs of  muscle. Quincy Miller is looking forward to dominating the Orlando Summer League. Quincy Miller has been ruled out of Summer League due to injuries suffered in training. Quincy Miller's injuries could put his roster spot in jeopardy.

"It's like Christmas comes around and it's canceled," Miller told MLive's David Mayo. "I've been working ever since summer started with our coaches in Detroit, just getting my body right and my game right, and it's unfortunate it just happened like that."

The 22 year old forward has come a long way since being inked to a ten day contract in February, and has worked hard to carve himself a guaranteed spot on the Pistons' 2016 roster, but injuries have robbed him of the opportunity to showcase his skill at the Summer League. Motown's coaching staff has been very supportive of the former Baylor big man, and have been excited to see how he develops ever since signing him to a full contract towards the end of last season. The injuries have come as a huge blow to Miller and the Pistons, but Stan Van Gundy has explained that Quincy's injuries shouldn't factor into any of the team's roster decisions.

"I don't think it really hurts our evaluation of him, but it's really just too bad for him," Pistons president-coach Stan Van Gundy said. "That guy was working so hard, and then to have to miss the entire thing, I think, is just really unfortunate for him -- and for our other guys, because, quite honestly, they'd be able to play better with him on the floor, another talented guy, so we've been pressing guys into minutes more than we expected. It was unfortunate for everybody, but especially for him. He really, really wants to play, and he put in a ton of time since the middle of May. You never want it to happen to anybody, but especially to guys who are doing that."

The roster currently stands at seventeen players, with Detroit now finding themselves with a glut at both forward positions, with the addition of Danny Granger, Marcus Morris, Stanley Johnson and Ersan Ilyasova over the course of the offseason. With reports that Grand Rapids standout Adonis Thomas will also have the opportunity to join the team during training camp, the Pistons could have as many as three players vying for the team's final roster spot. Miller certainly seems to have made a lasting impression on the team, but his non-guaranteed contract could be one of the easier ones to shift should the team decide to move on; Danny Granger, Reggie Bullock and Cartier Martin could also see their time as Pistons come to an end, depending on the team's needs.

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