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DBB at Freep: Jackson perfect for Pistons' pick-and-roll

Detroit Bad Boys debuts first piece at Detroit Free Press.

Detroit Bad Boys has teamed up with the Detroit Free Press for a weekly column of Detroit Pistons news and analysis, courtesy of your favorite DBB writers.

Our inaugural piece covers the familiar (slightly controversial) topic of Reggie Jackson, his fat new contract and how he'll fit in Detroit's pick-and-roll heavy offense. Please give it a read, share and comment (whether you agree or disagree) so the Free Press knows that we're kind of a big deal, and that we bring good things to the table.

The piece is similar to our deep dive on Reggie Jackson earlier this month.

From the Freep:

Luckily, there are plenty of reasons to believe Jackson isn't a fluke. If there is one thing Pistons fans need to know about Van Gundy, it is that he loves to run his offense through the pick-and-roll. That's what makes Van Gundy's offense, which prioritizes spacing and open looks, so threatening.

In Jackson, Van Gundy now has one of the best pick-and-roll point guards in the NBA.

Per Synergy Sports Technology, Jackson ranked in the 86th percentile in the pick-and-roll with Oklahoma City last year. The problem was OKC's system didn't feature Jackson in the pick-and-roll heavily. Conversely, Van Gundy's Pistons ran the pick-and-roll a lot -- the fifth-most in the NBA. But they sort of stunk at it, ranking in the 41stpercentile.

We will be contributing pieces on a weekly basis every Friday.