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Arnie Kander reportedly joining Minnesota Timberwolves

The ex-Pistons physical therapist of 23 years set to join Flip Saunders in Minnesota?

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

After resigning from the Pistons when his contract expired in June, Arnie Kander seems ready to move on and join another organization. According to David Aldridge at (H/T PistonPowered), Kander will be joining the Minnesota Timberwolves:

THE KEY MAN: Physicial therapist Arnie Kander. I'm hearing that Kander, who resigned in Detroit in June after 23 years there as one of the best body mechanics in the league, will be joining the Timberwolves in a new capacity in September. Kander and Minnesota Coach Flip Saunders know each other from Saunders' time as coach in Detroit, and had a great working relationship. Kander will be no doubt be tasked with figuring out how to keep Ricky Rubio in one piece going forward. Garnett will love him, too.

The writing was on the f'ing wall when Van Gundy retained Kander last summer, but also brought in a couple of his own guys to shuffle things up. I mean, just look at the picture above -- it used to be Kander's job to be the first on the scene of an injury.

A young T-Wolves squad will reap the benefits now, as Kander will take his potions, elixirs, ballet bars and OM (original mustache) to Minnesota to be with a familiar face in Flip. We wish you the best, Arnie.