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Detroit Pistons schedule 2015-2016: CliffNotes guide

Here's a quick summary of the Detroit Pistons' 2015-2016 schedule.

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

If you haven't already dissected the Pistons' 2015-2016 regular season schedule, Mike Prada has combed through it all for you. He did it for every NBA team, but below is the bit we care about:

Season opener: Oct. 27 at Atlanta Hawks
Home opener: Oct. 28 vs. Utah Jazz
National TV games: Zero
Back to backs: 20
Any 4-game-in-5-night stretches? No
Longest homestand: Nine games from March 16-29 (Hawks, Kings, Nets, Bucks, Magic, Hornets, Hawks, Thunder, Mavericks)
Longest road trip: Six games from Nov. 6-15 (Suns, Trail Blazers, Warriors, Kings, Clippers, Lakers)
Game to circle: Nov. 27 at Oklahoma City. Will Reggie Jackson overdo it in his first game back with the Thunder?

The longest homestand is actually the longest in franchise history. I thought maybe there was a glitch when I saw that many Pistons logos on the right side when first looking at the schedule on That's cool. Of course, zero national TV games and tied for the most back-to-backs (again) is not cool.

Another game to circle would be the Nov. 23 game at the Milwaukee Bucks, as that is the first game against Greg Monroe. Monroe makes his return to The Palace on Dec. 4.  What games will you be circling? Let us know in the comments.

You can see the full schedule here.