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Isiah Thomas-Magic Johnson kiss graces billboard in LA

Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Vince Bucci/Getty Images

An LA billboard has plastered a kiss between Magic Johnson and Isiah Thomas from the 1988 NBA finals for all who pass it to see (H/T DimeMagr/NBA):

A peck on the cheek was a bit of tradition for Johnson and Thomas before games, but this one during the NBA finals captured all of the attention. Johnson talked about the kiss and his head coach at the time Pat Riley's reaction on ESPN's NBA Countdown a couple years ago:

It seems the billboard was put up by a nearby store called Undefeated, apparently known for its sports billboards. Not sure why they decided to go with this image at this time, but it makes for a cool post in the middle of August. Yay sportsmanship!

Can you imagine LeBron James giving, say, Kevin Durant a kiss before playoff games instead of half hugging it out? Lance Stephenson blew in James' ear one time -- albeit not out of sportsmanship -- and it turned into an elaborate meme that carried into the next season. I don't know if social media would be able to contain itself, and you know in some depths some people would get ugly.

Now your thoughts.