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Brandon Jennings fine with coming off the bench

The injured guard spoke about his willingness to come off the bench to start the season.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Brandon Jennings, on the "Point Game" podcast with Blazers beat writer Jabari Young and Detroit traitor and now Bulls beat writer Vincent Goodwill, recently spoke about a number of issues both basketball-related and on life in general, such as his decision to live in Rome for a year, his opinion on Straight Outta Compton and his stance on Meek vs. Drake (and why he deleted his Twitter).

However, for Pistons fans, there's only one story which matters, and that is his answer when asked on how he viewed the acquisition of Reggie Jackson and his position coming into the season (via Detroit Free Press):

"Bringing in Reggie Jackson was smart," Jennings said. "I'm supposed to be out, really, for nine months, and they need a point guard. ...

"My main thing is just to get healthy. Hey, if I have to come off the bench and be the sixth man or whatever, I'm fine with that. Man, I just want to play basketball again. I just want to get back on the court and have fun."

This comment points to a lot of positives for Pistons fans.  For one, it shows Jennings' willingness to adapt to the team needs with Reggie Jackson now the established leader.  Also, it could be viewed as extra motivation to try and get his starting job back, and if we have both Jennings and Jackson playing at the top-levels from last season, the rest of the league should be scared.

However, there are concerns. This will be the first time in Jennings' career coming off the bench, and he can say all the right things, but actually delivering is a whole different thing altogether.  Jennings also said that he really shouldn't be back to his absolute best and at his most comfortable until around December, so a slow start to his season (even off the bench) could destroy his confidence and Van Gundy's faith in him.

Either way, there's no real sure way to predict Jennings' output at the start of this season, but, if he really isn't just posturing to the media and fans, and actually is willing to come off the bench, then it should be an interesting one.

*FWIW, Jennings also said he's been studying James Harden and how he gets to the line so often, so there's that.