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Marcus Morris blocks Phoenix Suns fans on Twitter, calls them bandwagoners

The Morris Saga continues as the former Suns forward calls out the fans in Phoenix

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Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Marcus Morris loved playing with his twin brother in Phoenix and both of them accepted less money to facilitate the arrangement, so when Marcus was traded to the Pistons along with Reggie Bullock and Danny Granger for a 2020 second round pick, he was understandably upset with the Suns.

While he openly vented about being separated from brother Markieff, he let it be known that Detroit would be his new home, and that he won't let any resentment towards his previous club affect his game in Motown. However, that doesn't mean he can't throw some shade at Phoenix's organization and fans, as the new Piston went to Twitter to publicly call out Suns fans.

Bright Side of the Sun's Dave King has collected all the rocky moments between the 'Morrii' and... well, practically everyone. From Markieff telling reporters that the Suns had no such thing as a home-court advantage, due to the lack of fan support when they play at home, (something Suns fans took exception to, telling him to "Shut up and play") to Marcus getting into a very vocal confrontation with coach Jeff Hornacek after the latter told Morris to "man up" following a missed whistle.

With this latest addition to the Morris vs. Everybody saga, it certainly seems like there will be no love lost  between both parties when the Pistons and Suns square off in the regular season.