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Arnie Kander officially joins Minnesota Timberwolves

Kander will be the Vice President of Sports Performance with the T-Wolves.

Tom Pidgeon/Getty Images

Long-time trainer Arnie Kander resigned from the Pistons in June after one year under Stan Van Gundy as the team's physical therapist. Van Gundy brought in a few of his own guys and changed Kander's role, so the writing was on the formed wall. Kander had spent 22 years with the team before as the strength-and-conditioning coach.

David Aldridge reported last month that Kander would be joining the Minnesota Timberwolves in September. Well, it's mid-September and the T-Wolves made the move official on Tuesday, hiring Kander and giving him a fancy new title of VP of Sports Performance (via Freep).

Kander joins Flip Saunders in Minnesota, who Kander got to know during Saunders' time coaching the Pistons in 2005-2008. Saunders is currently on leave battling Hodgkin's lymphoma, but when Saunders beats it, the best VP of Sports Performance in the game will be around to whip Saunders back into game shape. You know it, and that will make for a phenomenal story.

All the best to those two.

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(Thanks to OK from J for posting this in the FanShots.)