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Pistons Media Day in photos, tweets and vines

A photo contains 1,000 words. Here's some of the photos, tweets and vines from the 2015-16 Detroit Pistons Media Day.

nbapistons on Snapchat

A picture says a lot. Who is in it? Where is it taken? What are they doing? What colors are there? What is not in the picture? Well, with yesterday being the 2015-16 Detroit Pistons Media day, many pictures were taken. Here is a roundup of some of those pictures.

Here is Andre Drummond and Kentavious Caldwell-Pope signing some merchandise to be sold at the Palace (and elsewhere).

Slack_for_iOS_Upload.0.png Slack_for_iOS_Upload__7_.0.png

And the many faces of Marcus, or is that Markeiff Morris?

Slack_for_iOS_Upload__1_.0.png Slack_for_iOS_Upload__18_.0.png Slack_for_iOS_Upload__19_.0.png Slack_for_iOS_Upload__20_.0.png Slack_for_iOS_Upload__21_.0.png

Aaron Arron Aron Baynes trying out his Bill Laimbeer face.

Slack_for_iOS_Upload__13_.0.png Slack_for_iOS_Upload__12_.0.png

Reggie Jackson seems to be in good spirits.


So is Anthony Tolliver.


Can't leave out the Jokester Dre.

Slack_for_iOS_Upload__3_.0.png Slack_for_iOS_Upload__4_.0.png Slack_for_iOS_Upload__5_.0.png Slack_for_iOS_Upload__8_.0.png

The Pistons are really trying to connect themselves with Detroit.

Slack_for_iOS_Upload__2_.0.png Slack_for_iOS_Upload__9_.0.png

Pistons have plenty of quality guards.

Slack_for_iOS_Upload__11_.0.png Slack_for_iOS_Upload__16_.0.png Slack_for_iOS_Upload__17_.0.png Slack_for_iOS_Upload__22_.0.png

Some interviews with Mob Squad member Olivia.

Slack_for_iOS_Upload__10_.0.png Slack_for_iOS_Upload__25_.0.png

And she got to throw Drummond an Alley Oop!

Pistons also have plenty of muscle.


Sorry for not having rotated this pic of good ol' Stanley Johnson.


And the real reason why Drummond offered for Johnson to live with him.


Who does a better Mason impression?

Where is the enthusiasm?

Ugh, that was so depressing. Please no more Mason impressions.

At least he seemed to have the cadence down.

Anthony, at least you've played in the Palace. I expected more from you.

If you have seen any other media day pictures from the Pistons that you think are worth sharing, please do so. There are many that I left out in the interest of scrolling purposes, so fill up those comments.