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Andre Drummond: 'I want to rub it in somebody's face that we're a good team'

Andre Drummond is tired of losing and we can't blame him.

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

We have all heard the phrase: "The object of the game is to have fun." And while this is true, we would all rather win. Some would say that NBA players have already won because they play a sport that they love and get paid millions of dollars for it. However, Andre Drummond would really like to start winning some games as well.

During the Pistons Media Day, Drummond told reporters that he is tired of losing. He feels, and it is probably true, that the rest of the league and fans are laughing at the Pistons (as reported by Aaron McMann of

"I can't stand it, it's the worst feeling," Drummond told reporters Monday during Pistons media day at The Palace of Auburn Hills. "People are laughing at our team -- that's not a good feeling. I want to rub it in somebody's face that we're a good team."

Now, it is not all any one person's fault. Drummond has been in the league a total of three years. The Pistons have barely averaged over 30 wins each of those years. He has had four different coaches in that time. There was that whole Josh Smith debacle. There have been some injuries to some key players. However, Drummond feels a responsibility to change that.

"Just being here and seeing what I saw, my experiences as a Piston, I needed to take a role and help guys," Drummond said. "I felt like now is the time for us to do what we set out to do every year. I feel now it's our time, we're on the rise and we're going to do it."

(I'm sorry, but whenever I hear or see "It's our time", I always think of the Goonies.)

And he'll have help in that regard. This team is no longer void of leadership. This team seems to fit better together than it did before. It is returning the same coach that it had the previous year. But when half of the team you started with the year before returns, there's going to be some growing pains.

Though they are just words, at least Drummond understands that his stats, though important, should not be his main focus. This is team basketball after all.

"I'm going to worry about winning first, and then the individual things will take care of itself," Drummond said. "My main focus right now is to make sure we're playing winning basketball."

Now your thoughts.