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DBB Podcast: Debating hack-a-Dre, possible trades, Brandon Jennings

Should hack-a-Dre-type strategies be illegal? Do the rules need to be changed? Or does Andre Drummond just need to learn how to make his damn free throws?

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

The Detroit Bad Boys Podcast is back for 2016, and in the year's first installment Jordan, Ben and Sean discuss a topic on most people's minds -- the intentional fouling epidemic of Andre Drummond and other free-throw challenged stars.

Ben is anti-rule change while Sean is pro while Jordan plays the moderator. It was a lively exchange, though Ben and myself need to work a little harder to get to our Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith best.

Other topics covered during the podcast are the Pistons' trade market, the return of Brandon Jennings, the likelihood (or not) that Jennings gets traded, and how Jennings and Jackson can function together for the time being. This episode was actually released on Jan. 8, and we apologize for just promoting it on the site now. Also, there seems to be a slight technical issue with the microphone quality that makes my voice and, to a lesser extent, Ben's voice sound a little tinnier and cracking than usual. Jordan, of course, still has the velvety voice of a god.

As always if you have a question that you want answered on the Detroit Bad Boys podcast just leave it in the comments or hit us up on Twitter using the hashtag #askDBB.