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Famous Reggies, Ranked

Reggie Jackson is losing All-Star game votes because of his name, probably.

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Here in Detroit, we all know that Andre "3000" Drummond is budding into an NBA superstar. But around the country, people are clearly taking notice as well. If the all-star game were played today, Drummond would be your starting Eastern Conference center. There are a number of factors that make Andre Drummond a fan favorite outside of the Detroit market. Whether it's his monster video game 20/20 performances, courtship of Nickelodeon stars or being the inspiration for presidential Drizzy raps, Drummond is clearly getting the respect he deserves.

So why isn't Reggie Jackson? As DBB points out, Jackson's the guy who makes the Pistons tick, moreso than even Andre does, and his numbers more than warrant all-star love. Yet, he sits at 10th in guard voting, laughably behind fringe starters like Jeremy Lin and Derrick Rose. So where is the disconnect with the fans?

Well, I'm sorry Mr. Jackson (WOO), I am for real when I say that the reason you're not getting all-star respect is because the name "Reggie Jackson" is just too generic. People hear the name and instinctively think, "Wait, the baseball player?" Ask Isaiah Thomas (Celtics) how his all-star bid is going while sharing a name with another hall of famer.

HOT TAKE ALERT: If Reggie Jackson were to change his name slightly to something like "Reg Jackson" or "Reginald Jackson," or go by his middle name "Shon Jackson," he'd be starting in the all-star game. Look at Michael B. Jordan. The guy knew from an early age that if he wanted to play Wallace in "The Wire," he'd have to step out from the shadow his parents inadvertently created for him and forge his own identity. Now look at him - dude's got his own "Rocky" franchise! It's just simple math.

But until then, I basically just wanted to use 300 words on this topic so I could create an arbitrary, yet undisputed ranking of people named "Reggie."

1) Reggie Miller

2) Reggie Jackson (Baseball)

3)  Reggie Hammond (48 Hours)

4) Reggie White

5) Reggie Warrington (Nutty Professor)

6) Reggie Jackson (Basketball)

7) Reginald VelJohnson

8) Reggie Ray (Not Another Teen Movie)

9) Reggie Watts

10) Reggie Bush (Keeping Up with the Kardashians)

Honorable Mention: Reggie Bullock, Reggie Evans, Reggie Sanders