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Andre Drummond falls behind Carmelo Anthony for last All-Star starting spot

Get voting, get tweeting, get Facebooking, y'all. Probably throw some Instagram in there, too, somehow.

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Andre Drummond has fallen behind New York Knicks' Carmelo Anthony in All-Star voting for the third and final frontcourt starting spot. In the latest results released by the league, Anthony has 368,336 votes while Drummond has 361,307 votes.

Lebron James leads all Eastern Conference Players with 830,345 votes. the other frontcourt spot will go to Paul George of the Indiana Pacers with 569,947 votes.

Now that I have all those facts and figures out of the way, this pisses me off. Pistons fans need to get Andre Drummond into the All-Star game. He has been the best center in either conference this season, and deserves to be recognized for it. He needs to catch those lobs. He needs to swipe the ball from Kobe Bryant and go coast-to-coast for the jam.

Are you really telling me you're going to let those Uber-riding, Brooks Brothers-wearing, Man in the High Castle-watching, East coast elites push Carmelo Anthony ahead of Andre Drummond? Really?

Side note, I have no problem with any of those things ... except for Carmelo Anthony.

If you want to be a part of correcting this injustice, all you have to vote. And voting is easier than ever. Just tweet Andre Drummond #NBAVote. Or text Drummond to 69622. Or visit I'm sure I'm missing some.

Here, I'll make it even easier. The Pistons are doing their part. Just rewteet this dang video.

Or retweet this particular gem

Just get out there and vote and get Andre Drummond where he belongs.