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In the memetime: Draymond getting punked brings us round 4

As the warm glow of Saturday night's victory slowly fades, here's a Draymond-flavored edition of In the memetime to stoke that fire and get you heated up again.

Saturday night's victory was glorious, a thing of beauty, something to look back on with joy and laughter.

Unless you're Draymond Green and the rest of the Golden State Warriors.

Because you see, they got punked. It's unclear what Green meant by that exactly, he was T'd up and had several chippy moments with Andre Drummond throughout the game and at one point was blocked at the rim by Drummond so I guess he was generally unhappy with the result. He was also playing to a "home" crowd in that he grew up in Saginaw and played for the Michigan State Spartans before being drafted by Golden State. Lastly he was playing in front of Ben Wallacethe player he drew inspiration from as an undersized player growing up. So yeah not a good night for Dray but he was all smiles after the game when seeing Ben. Which bring us the image fodder for our latest edition of In the memetime:

Punked Draymond

What do you think was going on here?

Let fly your ideas in the form of a meme/caption in the comments below!


Last time, in edition 3, our winner was Tootin' Mahorn:

memetime 3 winner

Congrats MFTM!! Let's see if you can be our first returning champion, we'll treat you better than the Pistons treated the Warriors...