Validate This

Jeff Seidel wrote this great article in the Free Press about the 2004 champs and their coach coming into the locker room after the game to give advice to the team. don't think it's feasible, but it would be great if those from the 2004 team (and Tayshaun when he retires) would come to the games more often. i don't think its happening because none of those guys are SGV's guys, so to speak. Sheed coached Dre for a year, which i thought should have been a great idea, but apparently SVG disagreed.

But whether they're his guys or not, SGV would do well having one or two of those guys around a little more often. Many props to Tay and LB, who both had games to play/coach the next day, for showing up.

And read what LB said of this team...he's neurotic as hell, but he's the best coach in the game-even at 70 or 72 or whatever.

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