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Detroit Bad Boys' NBA All-Star Picks

What happens when 19 Detroit Pistons sportswriters get together to vote for the NBA All-Star game? Will we put aside our homerism or is Spencer Dinwiddie the starting point guard for the Eastern Conference? Will Kyle Singler get any votes? Read below for all this and more!

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Here we are again, folks, nearing the All-Star break where we get our annual firsthand look at just how lousy we are at democracy. I mean, nearly 270,000 people have already voted for Enes Kanter? Really? These must be the same people supporting [insert your despised presidential candidate here].

So I thoughts to myself, I thought: What if we had a small, but enlightened group who could pick the true All-Stars? While elitest and undemocratic, this group of basketball gurus would certainly select a more deserving group of All-Stars than the mush-brained masses listening to the propaganda rhetoric of ESPN, would they not? So I searched out the best and brightest basketball minds known to man. Unfortunately, they weren’t interested, so I settled on 19 writers from YOUR Detroit Bad Boys.

The 19 of us voted for 5 starters (2 points) and 7 reserves (1 point) for each conference. Without further ado, here are our comprehensive choices for the NBA All-Star game:

The Western Conference:

PG: Steph Curry (38 points)**

SG: Russell Westbrook (30 points)

SF: Kawhi Leonard (36 points)*

PF: Kevin Durant (31 points)

C: Draymond Green (30 points)*

Reserve 1: Anthony Davis (23 points)

Reserve 2: DeMarcus Cousins (19 points)

Reserve 3: Klay Thompson (17 points)

Reserve 4: Chris Paul (16 points)

Reserve 5: James Harden (13 points)

Reserve 6: Blake Griffin (12 points)

Reserve 7: Damian Lillard (11 points)

Also received votes:

Dirk Nowitzki (9 points)

DeAndre Jordan (9 points)

Marc Gasol (5 points)

LaMarcus Aldridge (4 points)

Andre Iguodala (3 points)

Tony Parker (2 points)

C.J. McCollum (2 points)

Rajon Rondo (2 points)

Zaza Pachulia (2 points)

J.J. Redick (2 points)

Danilo Gallinari (2 points)

Kobe Bryant (1 point)

Tim Duncan (1 point)

Karl Anthony-Towns (1 point)

The Eastern Conference:

PG: Kyle Lowry (33 points)*

SG: Jimmy Butler (38 points)**

SF: Paul George (33 points)

PF: LeBron James (38 points)**

C: Andre Drummond (37 points)*

Reserve 1: Reggie Jackson (22 points)

Reserve 2: DeMar DeRozan (18 points)

Reserve 3: Kevin Love (14 points)

Reserve 4: Chris Bosh (13 points)

Reserve 5: John Wall (12 points)

Reserve 6: Paul Millsap (12 points)

Reserve 7: Hassan Whiteside (12 points)

Also received votes:

Carmelo Anthony (7 points)

Isaiah Thomas (7 points)

Nic Batum (7 points)

Pau Gasol (6 points)

Al Horford (4 points)

Dwyane Wade (2 points)

Nikola Vucevic (2 points)

Kyrie Irving (1 point)

Kemba Walker (1 point)

Brook Lopez (1 point)

Khris Middleton (1 point)

Tristan Thompson (1 point)

Kristaps Porzingis (1 point)

* - Unanimous selection

** - Unanimous starter selection


★As you can see from the results, all 19 voters agreed on three All-Star starters: Steph Curry, LeBron James, and Jimmy Butler. Despite the fact that 19 writers for a website from a rival team said Jimmy Butler was deserving of an All-Star nod, he is currently not slated to be voted in.

★Our own Andre Drummond was next on the list with 18 of the 19 writers slotting him in as the EC starter at center.

★In the also-rans section, both conferences have a nice selection of were-greats, will-be-greats, and if-ever-they-were-to-make-it-this-would-have-been-their-years-but-unfortunately-they-just-aren’t-quite-good-enoughs.

★Interestingly, I have it on good authority that Jae Crowder was the 13th man on at least two separate ballots (mine included).

★Is Reggie Jackson as the 6th man a homer pick?


So what do you say? Do you have any qualms with this team? Who would you vote in? More importantly, if you agree that Andre and Reggie deserve an all-expense paid trip to Toronto, today’s the last day to vote. If there is one election you vote in this year, let this be it! Especially if you were planning on voting for [despised presidential candidate] in November - because that’s totally a wasted vote.