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Stan Van Gundy, Pistons weigh in on the intentional fouling of Andre Drummond

Stan Van Gundy and a few of the Pistons weighed in on Hack-a-Dre after Wednesday night's win.

Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports

Almost everyone at Detroit Bad Boys has given their opinion about what happened on Wednesday night in Houston, but what do the Pistons think about it? Below are some quotes from after the game.

We'll lead off with Stan Van Gundy, who in watching his presser sounded at the very least a little exasperated by the tactic being a perfectly legal strategy to try to win a basketball game. He took the passive-aggressive approach in answering the question:

Adam Silver and the league have decided that's the way they want to play the game and that's what they want people to watch; as long as the fans are okay with watching it then they're going to keep playing that way. At some point the fans may get to the point and say, "We're not going to pay to watch this, we're going to flip the channels." They haven't yet, and that's what Adam keeps saying, but when they do, the league will have to make an adjustment. That's not up to us, our job is just to coach the game within the rules. I don't decide what it is what people want to watch, that's up to Adam and his people.

Reggie Jackson was less cryptic, calling it "the dumbest thing ever":

You just have to combat it and we have to make our free throws. We did everything we could to combat that, but maybe we could have done it earlier. I'm cool with what they did. We just needed to keep attacking them and making layups. I don't think we played bad basketball. We really didn't get out of rhythm, it's just what happened and unfortunately, his free throws weren't falling today.

Kentavious Caldwell-Pope also doesn't like it, saying the Rockets didn't want to play basketball:

It's just unnecessary. We almost got out of our rhythm, but it took us awhile to get it going. They did take our rhythm away, but once we buckled down and we were able to get it back.

J.B. Bickerstaff thought it was necessary to get his team back in the game. It almost worked, so you can't blame the Rockets for trying.

Until Silver and his people make a change...