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NBA Links: Older than 30 rankings and the rebirth of Kyle Singler

Even though you can't win them all, you should still try to.

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Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Remember what I said yesterday about not allowing yourself to be in a foul mood no matter what life throws at you?

Well for today, let's avoid being lazy and going through the motions. Yes, this time I'm talking about you, Detroit Pistons basketball team.

Sometimes it's easy to get sucked in and go through the motions, but if you have a goal seriously in mind, repeated laziness is just not part of the equation.

I'm beginning to think the win over the Warriors last weekend is doing more harm to this team than good. That's a topic for a different time though.

LAZY LAZY LAZY team defense against New Orleans

Norris Cole was taking a light jog in the park with his dog and then turned on the jets for a half second. Then boom, a dunk.

We know that NBA teams really don't play with a lot of intensity in the first quarter, but this lollygagging is taking it to a whole new and lower level.

(via SlamOnline)

Ranking the NBA's top players older than 30: by the numbers -- USA TODAY

How many more really good seasons (like MVP caliber or darn near it) does LeBron have left? Two more seasons after this season -- at the most, right?

[Ed. note: Every top team in the league has a ranked player older than 30. Andre Iguodala or Andrew Bogut didn't make the list for the Warriors, but they should have at least been honorable mention. -Packey]

OKC Thunder: Kyle Singler returns from purgatory in win over Hornets -- The Oklahoman

Let's rejoice in the recent success of Kyle Singler.

(bold emphasis mine)

Thirty-two games into the season, Singler had made just six of his 31 3-point shots. This for a guy who was considered a good enough 3-point shooter and wing defender to warrant a five-year, $25-million contract in the off-season.

But Billy Donovan didn't give up on Singler. And by the end of the Thunder's 109-95 rout of the Charlotte Hornets on Wednesday night, the silent treatment had turned to cheers for Singler.

Singler sank all three of his 3-pointers, hit a running hook shot and generally played another solid game. It wasn't his first in recent days.

Donovan has replaced sharpshooter Anthony Morrow with Singler in the Thunder rotation. In the last five games, Singler has averaged 6.0 points, 3.0 rebounds and almost 17 minutes a game. He's made six of nine 3-pointers, and it's clear that Singler's confidence, once sagged, now soars.

"Season's been amazing," said the stoic Singler.

It gets even better:

Donovan has returned to Singler because he's 6-foot-8 with quick feet and long arms and capable of guarding big wings, the Luol Deng/Will Barton crowd, and power forwards who like to linger on the perimeter. Those bigger players are hard-pressed to stay up with Singler on the other end, and when he goes 3-for-3 on 3-pointers, it's gravy.

Gravy baby.

And there's more...

Kyle Singler Had a Good Game, Officially Looks Like Kenneth From 30 Rock -- thebiglead

Pretty much.


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