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Pistons Links: Maybe Andre Drummond should just rest this All-Star break, Stanley Johnson will be relaxing, plus more

Stanley Johnson and the Pistons didn't let the 76ers steal one Wednesday night. Links ahead!

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SI's 2016 NBA All-Star Game reserves -- SI

From a selfish fan view, I'll admit, I'd almost rather Andre be left off the team this go around. Mental and physical rest would do him some good. It's going to be a track meet practically anyway.

But also, because Detroit vs. Everybody.

Andre DrummondPistons: It would be a borderline travesty if "That boy's up to something" was somehow overlooked by the coaches. The NBA's leading rebounder has a bulletproof case: he's helped lead the Pistons to their best season in years despite significant roster turnover around him, he's the East's top-performing traditional center, he's on track to join 2011 Kevin Love as the only players since 1992 to post averages of 17 PPG and 15 RPG and he fares very well on all the major advanced statistics thanks to his dunk-heavy offensive game and remarkable athleticism for his size, which helps make him a stat-stuffing defender.

Pistons' Stanley Johnson left off roster for NBA Rising Stars Challenge -- MLive

The NBA on Wednesday released the lineups for the BBVA Compass Rising Stars Challenge, the annual game for rookies and players in their second season held the Friday before the All Star game. Johnson, averaging 8.2 points and 3.9 rebounds per game off the bench for the Pistons this season, was not included.

The Rising Stars Challenge began in 1994 and has adopted several formats since, including East vs. West, Rookies vs. Sophomores from 2000 to 2011, and most recently, the U.S. vs. World version in 2015.

As a commenter on MLive already stated, what was so terrible about having the 10 best rookies play against the 10 best sophomores?

The case this season is that Nikola Jokic has been hurt for most of the season, Mario Hezonja plays very little, and Raul Neto, while an intriguing prospect moving forward, doesn't really warrant any special consideration at this point.

Pistons' Andre Drummond can find his hook by studying Dwight Howard -- Sporting News

As much as Van Gundy is seeking to keep Drummond's energy and intensity levels up, from an on-floor development standpoint, keeping Drummond in line with Howard by pushing some reliable in-the-paint options†-- most notably the hook shot -- €”should be a focus. Howard abandoned that development after he stopped being coached by Van Gundy, and is not nearly the offensive force he once was.

Dominant Five Man Units -- Today's Fastbreak

Golden State's *Lineup of Death:

The *lineup of Curry-Thompson-Iguodala-Barnes-Green is a nightmare to guard primarily because of all the space that's created. Every player in this lineup shoots at least 38 percent from three, so you can't realistically sag off anyone.

The Lineup of Death has only played 102 minutes together this season - a modest amount considering how dominant they have been. The Detroit Pistons have a five-man group that's played 858 minutes, although they're an aberration. Most of the top five-man units are checking in somewhere between 250-450 minutes together.


Jason Maxiell runs after Chinese player, totally warranted -- Basketball Buddha

Youtube video here. Michael Beasley does a nice job of calming Maxiell down.

Gilbert Arenas clowns Flint, Michigan residents -- The Source

What is wrong with people like Gilbert? Try to have some class for a change. Is he that attention starved?


Two big time games against the Cavs and the Raptors this weekend for Detroit. Fans, get your rest so you can cheer them on with passion. Our screaming and berating of the referees can make a difference no matter your location! Believe that!