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Ersan Ilyasova charge account mounts

Since we last checked in, Ersan has already broken his previous record for charges drawn in a season and is closing in on another season record for offensive fouls drawn.

Christopher Daniels
Christopher Daniels

Early in the season it became very clear that the Detroit Pistons had an offensive charge drawing maestro on their hands in Ersan Ilyasova. Although he has cooled off from the blistering one per game pace he was at in our last account balance inquiry, he is still managing .608 charges per game to up his current total to 28 in 46 games. To put that in perspective the next best total number is by DeMarcus Cousins who has 17 through 38 games which works out to .447 per game. Ersan has already broken his previous season total high of 24 and is currently on pace to record 50 if he plays a full 82 games.

Another stat he is also leading by a healthy margin is in total offensive fouls drawn where he is just off one per game at 45. Kemba Walker is next at .674 per game at 31 in 46 games. Ersan's previous season record is 54 and it seems pretty certain that barring injury he'll shatter that as well.

Pretty impressive numbers by Ersan in a category that is so overlooked there is only one page that I know of that even tracks them.

Do you think that more attention should be paid to offensive foul drawing in the league? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.