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NBA Links: Pistons' point guard situation, another Brandon Jennings hypothetical, Magic-Pistons memories and much more

The Pistons try to begin the work week pleasantly with some magic at home versus the Magic. Links ahead!

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Reggie Jackson's rolled ankle heightens PG intrigue -- MLive

Point guard Reggie Jackson rolled his left ankle with 2:20 left in Saturday's 94-82 loss to the Indiana Pacers, and while he remained in the game the rest of the way, he was in clear discomfort and how the injury responds overnight remains to be seen.

The Pistons have used the same starting lineup all 34 games but if Jackson is unable to play Monday against Orlando, Jennings presumably would assume a starting role in his fourth game back from a torn Achilles.

Brouhaha aside, Pistons just clankers at Bankers, no malice toward Pacers -- MLive

Drummond was a 2014 USA Basketball teammate of George's the night the Pacers' star suffered a broken leg during an intra-squad exhibition in Las Vegas which cost him all of last season.

"He's that type of player where it just takes one shot for him to get off," Drummond said. "No matter if we get in his face, or we're playing great defense, he's going to find a way to get the shot off. That's what he does. He's a great player. He's one of the best players in the world. So that's what he does, he took over, and won the game for his team."

Brandon Jennings an Option? -- Rip City Project

You might be asking why Portland would take a chance on Jennings after they passed on bringing back Wesley Matthews (who suffered the same injury)? It was unlikely that the Trail Blazers front office envisioned a legitimate path to the playoffs this year, but massive injuries throughout the Western Conference have changed that projection. While Jennings hasn't been the poster child for consistent shooting (only two seasons with shooting above 40%), he still possess a set of skills that the Trail Blazers lack at back up point guard.

Who do you all want back in return for Jennings? And no, they aren't going to send over Allen Crabbe.

Ranking Magic's Best Games and Performances vs. Pistons -- (Pure Magic)

Some cool memories and photos to regale whether you are a Pistons fan or not.

Jimmy Butler breaks Michael Jordan's Bulls record for points in a half --

Jimmy Butler broke the Chicago Bulls' record for most points in a half with 40 during the last two quarters of a 115-113 win over the Toronto Raptors on Sunday.

Michael Jordan had the old Bulls record of 39, set in 1989.

The Bulls showed a bit of emotion after the game as well, embracing and huddling around Butler once the final buzzer sounded. Chicago improved to 20-12 and won its fourth straight game.

BDL's Most Interesting Power Rankings: Golden State's super, human -- BDL

No Detroit mention in this version of the 'Most Interesting Power Rankings'. Detroit is neither interesting nor too dull. They are simply existing right now. And I don't disagree. Detroit must win more often and surely win with added razzle-y dazzle-y SWAG.

Check out more of what was written about Wall and the Wizards.

Washington Wizards: John Wall is awesome. I really, really like watching him play. He has averaged 22.2 points, 11.4 assists, 4.6 points and 2.2 steals per game since the start of December; he's "using" more of his team's offensive possessions and dishing assists on a higher share of his teammates' buckets while keeping his turnover rate steady; he blends balletic grace and explosive physicality like few others in the game. He has been, by some statistical measurements and the eye test, an All-Star-caliber performer again this season (even if the voting public might prefer other options).

But outside of the magic Wall makes, man, does it often feel like a slog to watch the Wiz.

Toronto Raptors relying less on Jonas Valanciunas on defence but his play still a work in progress -- National Post

I haven't kept up with the Raptors much in the links. 2016 is not a bad time to start.

Over time, Valanciunas has become more comfortable being the voice at the back of the defence. After committing to four more years of Valanciunas in the off-season, the Raptors badly need him to become a more capable defensive player; that was always the biggest question with the US$64-million extension he received. It is likely the biggest reason Valanciunas's primary backup, Bismack Biyombo, has become so popular lately: He can do things that the starter cannot.


We all made it to the first Monday of the New Year. Do you know what that means?