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Marcus Morris plans to appeal his $15,000 fine for shoving Paul George

I'm sure Reggie Jackson appreciates the appeal.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Marcus Morris was fined $15,000 on Monday for his push of Paul George after Saturday night's game. As most players do after they've been fined or suspended, especially when their teammate may or may not be footing the bill, they appeal. Morris plans to appeal, according to MLIVE.

George instigated the push by attempting to steal a pass to Morris in the final seconds of a game that was already decided and the Pistons were ready to let end. After George made it clear that he was playing until the final horn, fine, Morris fended George off with an elbow going for the loose ball. George didn't like that late hustle I guess and responded by getting as close to Morris' face as he possibly could without kissing him. Naturally, Morris pushed him, which resulted in the ensuing scuffle that had George Hill going after Morris and, oddly enough, Rodney Stuckey being held back and yelling things, like, "Hey!"

Morris and George were the only two to get hit with fines, but George's fine was only $10,000.

"I thought it would be a little more," Morris said to MLIVE.

And I'm guessing he believes that he and George, just two guys competing, should've received the same fine.

"I need some of it back," Morris said. "Even if it's not all of it. You've got to give me some of it back."

The NBA will probably argue that Morris' shove escalated the situation more than George did, so he deserved a larger fine. There's precedence for that reasoning involving Morris, too. Morris was fined $25,000 this month two years ago for "escalating an altercation" when he shoved Los Angeles Lakers guard Nick Young twice.

Morris' response then?

I think he lost that one -- still says $25,000 on Spotrac anyway -- but we'll see how this one goes.