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Brandon Jennings, Anthony Tolliver hoping to stay in Motown

It's an uncertain future for two Piston players, but both know what they'd like to happen.

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

The Pistons are currently carrying three expiring contracts on their roster, and with the February trade deadline looming, they could easily be used as bargaining chips to help Stan Van Gundy and Jeff Bower pull the trigger on another deal to help Detroit in its playoff hunt. Steve Blake, Brandon Jennings and Anthony Tolliver are all looking at an uncertain future, but at least two of those players are hoping to stay in Detroit, at least for the near future.

After a spectacular game against the Magic on Jan. 4, Jennings opened up to the assembled media, including MLive's David Mayo, about his thoughts on seeing his name actively mentioned in several trade rumors. The 26-year-old guard dismissed the talk, but admitted it had been on his mind:

"I can't really get away from it because it's all on my Twitter feed every time I tweet something," Jennings said. "But it's rumors. It's something that I'm not worried about. I just want to play basketball and I'm just blessed to be healthy again."

Stan Van Gundy has earlier explained that while the team will not be active on the trade front, that they would listen to any realistic offers thrown their way, but none have materialized so far. When discussing some of Jennings' trade speculation, the Pistons' second year coach was somewhat committal to keeping Brandon around:

"Our plan, right now, is that Brandon can help us make a playoff push, and that's what we're going to do," Van Gundy said. "That's our plan right now. If something happens in the next five weeks, we'll look at it. But right now, he's a very good player who can help us, and that's the only way we're looking at him."

With the Detroit Free Press' Vince Ellis confirming via Twitter that Jennings and SVG have discussed the possibility of an additional contract after this season, there are plenty of reasons why we should be excited at the idea of Motown retaining its' Swag for the foreseeable future.

Anthony Tolliver, who has also featured heavily in Van Gundy's rotation since his arrival last season, has indicated he would like to return to Detroit following the expiration of his current contract. Despite a poor shooting start to the season, the former Blue Jay has bounced back nicely, shooting 36% from deep. Tolliver, who hasn't played more than two seasons with the same team over the course of his eight-year career, announced his offseason plans on his own personal blog (H/T MLive's Aaron MacMann):

One of the things I'd like to accomplish in 2016 is to help the Pistons make it to the playoffs and hopefully make a deep run. Individually, I want to have a good, solid season and help my team win as much as possible. And then when I'm a free agent this summer, I hope to sign back with Detroit and try to make this a long-term home for my family and me.

Tolliver and Jennings will both be players to watch out for prior to, and after the February deadline, especially if both finish the season in Piston blue, white and red. The team is already looking to secure the services of Andre Drummond during the offseason, but you can be sure that both the aforementioned players could see an offer come their way from Detroit's front office should they survive the trade deadline.