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Jodie Meeks making progress in recovery from Jones Fracture

He is making some progress, but is still likely out until the All Star Break at the earliest.

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Jodie Meeks is making progress in his recovery from the Jones Fracture that he suffered in the first game of the season. He is currently supporting 40 percent of his body weight when running on a treadmill, according to David Mayo of MLive. He is eager to get back, but knows to take a cautious approach with this injury. This is the same injury that Kevin Durant suffered last year, and Dez Bryant of the Dallas Cowboys suffered this year. Both players have required 2nd surgeries because they came back too soon.

"I have a good range of motion and no pain but I can't just go out there and break it again," Meeks said. "I'm basically just waiting for everything to heal. I know everybody saw Dez Bryant come back a little early and re-do it. So that's what I don't want. It's frustrating but I'm trying to get back."

Meeks has been having bi-weekly X-rays to see the progress of recovery on his broken foot, but doctors are cutting it back in order to limit his exposure to radiation. It has been tough for Meeks to spend yet another season dealing with rehab, but it is great that he is taking a cautious approach to this injury. It is likely that he will be out until the All Star Break at the earliest.

"It's mentally challenging," Meeks said of rehab. "It can get repetitive. I watch film but, at the same time, you've got to have a strong mind to try to get through it and try to get back as fast as possible. Rehab is a job, too. But I really don't have any other choice. I want to get back. I'm trying to get back as fast as possible. I don't know when that will be but we'll see."

Jodie Meeks tenure with the Pistons has been filled with injuries, as he missed 22 games last year with a back injury. His return would be a welcomed addition to the bench. They have started to gel as a unit with the return of Brandon Jennings and are no longer the liability they were in the beginning of the season, but adding a player like Meeks can't hurt.

The Pistons are currently 22nd in the league in 3 point percentage at 34%. Jodie Meeks' career 37% 3 point shooting will definitely help that. Plus his return means a reliable backup at the shooting guard position, which will be very useful for Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, who is averaging 38 minutes per game. Caldwell-Pope has been guarding the opposing team's best backcourt player during those 38 minutes, which has taken a toll on his shooting percentages. Taking a load off of KCP and saving some energy for a potential playoff run, where his defense could be game-changing, could be the difference in a series.