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Watch Brandon Jennings work Casper Ware

Former Pistons were going at it at Madison Square Garden.

NBA: Preseason-Washington Wizards at New York Knicks Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

If you miss Brandon Jennings on the Pistons, don’t watch the following video. You’ll probably miss him even more. You might also remember that Casper Ware was once on the Pistons (the Pistons’ 2012 Summer League team). No?

OK, watch the video:

CSN Mid-Atlantic said Brandon Jennings went overboard, that “someone forgot to tell Jennings that this was just a preseason game and he was getting hyped about draining a floater over Casper Ware, a generously listed 5-10 free agent who is trying to find a roster spot in the league.”

Give me a break. It doesn’t matter how tall Ware isn’t — Jennings is maybe two inches taller -- and it doesn’t matter if it’s a preseason game and Ware is trying to find a roster spot in the league. I’ve seen better players taunt inferior players worse in church pick-up games. Ware’s certainly not playing these games like they are meaningless preseason games. If he wants basketball to be his livelihood, he’ll have to play through some trash talk, and it sounds like Ware took it well. Jennings was just working him and having fun out there.

Man, I miss Swag...