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Breaking nose: Nasal fractures for both Tobias Harris and Aron Baynes

Can the season please start before anyone else gets hurt?

NBA: Detroit Pistons at Charlotte Hornets Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

When it rains it pours. According to Keith Langlois both Tobias Harris and Aron Baynes have suffered broken noses. Health has not been in the Pistons’ favor during the preseason.

Reggie Jackson had a platelet-rich plasma injection to help alleviate the knee tendinitis that he has suffered from throughout training camp. Marcus Morris has missed most of the preseason with knee tendinitis too. Stanley Johnson injured his left foot. Aron Baynes missed a couple games with back spasms. Even Andre Drummond missed a game due to illness.

One silver lining to this is the fact that broken noses generally do not keep players out of any games. They usually get fitted for a mask and then are back out there. However, playing with a mask is a whole different story as some players struggle to adjust to having the mask on their face. We will just have to see how it will affect Tobias Harris and Aron Baynes.

Aron Baynes suffered a broken nose last season as well, so I would assume that is why he is seeing a specialist about the injury.

Just 8 more days until the first game of the season. The start of the regular season cannot come soon enough. In the meantime, offer your nose puns in the comments.