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DBB Podcast: Central Division Preview

For the start of the new season, Jordan Bellant and Ben Gulker are bringing you a full preview of the Eastern Conference.

NBA: Preseason-Milwaukee Bucks at Detroit Pistons Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Jordan and Ben invite a guest to discuss each division in the conference. On for the Central Division is Sean Wheeler, better known as Hypnowheel on DBB.

The Central Division countdown starts with the Indiana Pacers (1:50). After explaining the uncertainty regarding the team’s future, Jordan poses a question about Paul George’s future in Naptown (5:25). Ben goes on to explain the problem he has with the compliment of players around PG (10:15). After a conversation about the coach (12:10), the trio breaks down their top Pacers storylines to watch this year (15:15).

The fourth team in the Central is the Milwaukee Bucks (18:25); we all know they can’t shoot but maybe Point Giannis can save them (20:55)? If not, maybe it’s former Piston Greg Monroe (25:45), a player that could be moved if things don’t click this season.

The third place team in our preview is the Chicago Bulls (30:10). The transactions in the offseason left everyone scratching their heads. If it works and “all comes together,” it could be because of Jimmy Butler (34:50). After a quick conversation about Butler’s star status, Sean and Ben discuss the other guys (35:35) and the looming questions about team chemistry (39:10).

Before moving on, a question about which team has the highest ceiling for the upcoming season (42:50).

Then, at number two in the Central, it’s our Detroit Pistons (43:30). Sean quickly provides some Kool-aid (44:00), and Ben gives a more skeptical best case for the team (45:30). Jordan offers his best and worst, further diluting Sean’s Kool-aid (47:40). Sean offers a full retort (49:05) and Ben discusses the injury to Reggie Jackson that could affect the team’s win total this year (51:10).

The Pistons talk continues with Ben breaking down his expectations for KCP in a contract year (54:40). Jordan’s most intriguing player is the lovable Boban Marjanovic and why his play could make Aron Baynes a tradeable asset (57:25). A debate about Stan Van as ‘Coach’ (1:00:40) leads to a question about Andre Drummond’s progress at the free throw line (1:06:10). Finally, the crew gives their win totals for the Pistons (1:08:50).

The projected top team in the Central is the Cleveland Cavaliers (1:11:10). The favorite to win the East, Ben explains why there’s a budding rivalry with the Pistons (1:12:30).

Kevin Love’s role and production (1:16:45) in Cleveland is intriguing, but not as intriguing as his potential playing elsewhere (1:17:40). Sean also brings up a possible destination for Love (1:20:50).

The podcast finishes with Sean explaining the Cavs’ best strategy of resting their stars (1:22:15) and Ben’s trade scenaios (1:23:20).

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