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Grant Hill not as high on Detroit Pistons as many others are

Grant Hill isn’t drinking enough of the Pistons Kool-Aid.

NBA: Atlanta Hawks-Press Conference Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

You know that feeling you get when you find out something about somebody you like and then you wish you didn't know that certain 'something'. For example, let's say a neighbor you always liked puts a political sign in their yard of a Presidential candidate that is the competitor to the candidate you support. It very much takes you by surprise. And let's not stop there -- let's say that the candidate your neighbor supports is absolutely off his/her rocker and in no way could you understand why somebody would ever support that candidate or what they stood for.

So, your opinion of said neighbor changes. You still like them well enough perhaps, but you think about them differently than before. Maybe a lot differently. The feeling might pass, it might not. But that sign in their yard damn well happened.

What am I going on about?

Below is a video of Grant Hill on an NBA TV Pistons preview segment just a few days ago talking about the Pistons as if they are still a 7th or 8th seed appetizer (if that, even) for the beasts in the Eastern Conference. Isiah Thomas also made some points. Watch the clip.

Grant is highly intelligent and is entitled to his opinion, but it's probably going to be way off this time. The Pistons are going to the Finals this season, Grant. Everybody knows this.

I still quite like Grant and always will, and you should too (unless you didn't like him originally). But, mostly, I wish I didn't know that he said some of these things about the Pistons, just like how you wish your likable neighbor who put up the political sign never put up the sign in the first place, so you would go on thinking for some point longer that said likable neighbor was indeed as likable as you always thought and pretty much shared all the same views as you.

It’s often times just easier that way.

*Hat tip* to fan buzzardbeater for posting this video link in one of yesterday's threads.

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