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NBA Links: KCP and Andre Drummond get punked a little bit

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Monday is here and so are the links.

NBA: Toronto Raptors at Detroit Pistons Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

The 53 Best Franchise Players In The NBA, 2016-17 Edition did their CARMELO projections (explanation for what it is here) for this season. This CARMELO projection is just in its second year, so let’s be easy on it, as there is some strange stuff that shows up.

For example see below:

Andre Drummond and Kentavious Caldwell-Pope are the only two Pistons that appear in this CARMELO projection (43 and 44, respectively). Ahead of them are such players as (20) Aaron Gordon, (30) Nerlens Noel and (40) Justise Winslow (not to mention rookie Denzel Valentine). Alllllrrriighty. Like I mentioned above the chart, click that link for an explanation on the projections. If you get confused, just remind yourself that it takes into account, among other things, a 6-year projection.

Well, I gotta say, at least Ed Davis (ED... DAVIS) isn’t ahead of Dre and KCP. If he was ahead, RIOTS!!

And I’ll let you in on a little chatter from behind the scenes at Detroit Bad Boys — some comments from DBB contributors about this CARMELO projection are as follows:

— “Yeah those guys need to give it another crack w the CARMELO system, it's hot garbage right now”

— “Put me in the camp of using this list as toiletpaper”

— “538, try common sense > your formula”

Cavs set impressive 3-point streak and could do even more

The Cleveland Cavaliers are moving right along at 8-1 (they host Pistons this Friday, by the way). It seems they are not in too much of a daze from that title they won just a handful of months earlier. Via ESPN:

The Cleveland Cavaliers are off to the best 3-point shooting start in league history, and if they can sustain it, they could have an even more prolific season from downtown than the “Splash Brothers”-led Golden State Warriors did last season.

Cleveland knocked down 14 3-pointers in its 100-93 win over the Charlotte Hornets on Sunday and became the first team to hit 10 or more triples in its first nine games (besting the 2014-15 Houston Rockets’ mark of eight).

The Cavs are averaging 13.22 made 3s per game through their 8-1 start, and that puts them on pace to edge the Warriors’ record-setting average of 13.13 made 3s per game last season.

As of Monday, Nov. 14, the Detroit Pistons are second to last in the league at 6.2 made 3s per game (shooting 31.6 percent on 3s compared to the Cavs’ 37.1 percent). You know, for comparison's sake.

Greg Oden is not a bust, says Kevin Durant

Via For The Win:

In an ESPN special this week Greg Oden, who was selected first in the 2007 NBA draft but played just 82 games in five seasons for the Portland Trail Blazers, said that he’d go down as “the biggest bust in NBA history.”

The man taken No. 2 in that draft, Kevin Durant, isn’t buying that.

“Nonsense. That’s nonsense,” Durant adamantly told ESPN on Sunday night. “In order for you to be a bust, you have to actually play and show people that you progressed as a player. He didn’t get a chance to.”


For Durant, who had his own injury issues not too long ago, he knows all too well how razor thin the margins are here. One small issue with the body can beset other issues. One problem for Oden snowballed into more problems. His body wasn’t right, but he wanted to justify that first pick and contract so he rushed back, which created more issues, and on and on. Even coming out of college, Oden wasn’t running the floor well. His body just wasn’t meant for this.

10 college ballers for NBA fans to know this season

Some pretty cool names in this group including Malik Monk from Kentucky, Lonzo Ball from UCLA and Jaron Blossomgame from Clemson. Full list here.


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